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Volunteers & Benefits

Washington County Fire & Rescue Volunteers

The companies within the Washington County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association (WCVFRA) are volunteer organizations that are always looking for new members willing join their teams and serve their community.
Did you know?

   94% of the firefighter and EMT personnel in Washington County are unpaid volunteers who give of their time and talents to keep our communities safe. They are your friends, neighbors, co-worker and classmates.
   In addition to providing safety and public education, our volunteer services save the taxpayers of Washington County millions of dollars each year.
   Maryland fire and rescue personnel are professional volunteers, trained to the highest standards in the country.

Fire & EMS
Don’t think you could run into a burning building or deliver medical care to a victim? That’s OK…. our stations are independent businesses responsible for the day to day activities of running a business and raising funds. This creates many different types of volunteering opportunities that you can become involved with.

The services we provide are a proud tradition here in Washington County and we need you to help maintain that tradition as the volunteer services grow and change in our fast-paced society so … Will You Answer the Call?


A volunteer from Washington County Fire & RescuePart of the benefit to being a firefighter is the team-centered work environment. You will serve with other firefighters and emergency service professionals to rescue victims from car accidents, extinguish fires, and respond to many other types of emergency situations. Working together creates a sense of community, encourages camaraderie, and builds lifelong friendships. You will feel a sense of confidence from your accomplishments and in the knowledge and skills you acquire from your training. And, of course, there is little that can compare to the satisfaction that comes from doing an important job, while contributing to the security and welfare of your community.
Some of the other benefits you can enjoy as a company volunteer:

   Physicals, training, and personal protective equipment provided at no cost to you
   Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) – similar to a retirement program, offers financial rewards to volunteers based on their years of service
   Maryland Tax Credit after three years of service (currently $6,000)
   Wills for Heroes
   $5,000 life insurance policy through AFBA
   Homes for Heroes
   Discounts at area businesses
   College credits for some of the training classes
   Scholarship opportunities
   Workers Comp Insurance
   Fun family-oriented events

The intangible benefits are equally as important – including satistaction of doing something worthwhile, helping your community, and saving lives; skills that will impact your personal and professional life; and being part of something special.

Dale Fishack, President
James Spreacher, 1st VP
Troy Lloyd, 2nd VP

Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association
1501 Pennsylvania Avenue
Hagerstown, MD  21742

301-714-0812 Voice
301-714-1537 Fax
Email dfishack@wcvfr.org
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