SAFER Grant Project Initiation Instructions


In 2014 the Maryland State Firemenís Association (MSFA) and the Maryland Fire Chiefs Association (MFCA) were awarded a SAFER grant.  This grant is being administered by a Joint Oversight Committee which consists of representation from both the MSFA and the MFCA.  Each organization also has a Project Coordinator; Ms. Elaine Custead is the project coordinator for the MSFA and Ms. Theresa Collins is the project coordinator for the MFCA

In order for their to be consistency for all projects funded through the SAFER Grant a form was created to capture all necessary information that is required by the oversight committee before they can make a determination if the project qualifies to be funded by way of the grant.   This form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the SAFER Grant Project Coordinator so that it can be reviewed and approved is a timely manner.


The Oversight Committee holds a regularly scheduled meeting the 4th Wednesday of each odd numbered month, but this does not mean the project will have to wait until the meeting for approval.  Once the project forms are received by the project coordinators they will ensure that the forms are received by the joint oversight committee to review. 


Should you have any further questions or need any assistance with completing the project initiation form please contact the appropriate SAFER Project Coordinator for your association.

 Click here for Grant Form

Ms. Elaine Custead                                                                         Ms. Theresa Collins

MSFA Project Coordinator                                                           MFCA Project Coordinator                                                          

240-205-5720                                                                                     443-622-1460