Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association

MSFA Volunteer Questionaire Your answers to this questionnaire will help President Blair and the Executive Committee set priorities and goals for the organization in the coming year.

 The MSFA visits elected officials heavily (every day) in Annapolis during the Legislative Session to provide legislators with information and positions on various proposed legislation.

  b.This year the Income Tax Modification Cap increase was passed raising the total to $7,000 over several years. What other benefits do you feel would be important?

 i. State Sponsored Health Insurance for Volunteers

c. Are there other County LOSAP or Other issues that the MSFA should Support?     

d. Would you be interested in Joining us in Annapolis from time to time to visit with your elected officials?

This Year the Legislature raised the amount for the widows and orphans fund should we continue to seek increases? f. It was with heavy lobbying that the sprinkler bill was passed and remains in effect. Are there other construction issues that should be addressed as safety issues for the residents of MD?

h. The VCAF Loan Program has been very successful the last several years Loaning 18 million dollars to member companies at 1% interest. Right now the fund is depleted and will limit the lending ability of the program. It will be several years until the fund builds itself back up. Should the MSFA request the legislature to add more funds so that the VCAF program can continue making large loans available?

2. The Volunteer System is being strained for many different reasons all combining into an almost perfect storm. What are some of the issues the MSFA can address and how? a. The National Registry issue has been seen as a large problem, but it is now ingrained in MEIMSS as part of their vesting process of EMT’s. Just passing the MFRI course is not sufficient in their eyes or the eyes of the Medical Directors as being enough to allow you to practice as they consider this vetting part of the medical profession just like nurses etc. That has been a large part of the problem. Should the MSFA push to change the law and MEIMSS to allow the MFRI course to be sufficient? 

b. Are there other options ?

c. Is there an EMT shortage in your area?

Select yes/no      d. Do you have a mentoring program in place for new recruits?

Select yes/no     

i. Would additional assistance materials be helpful for your company?

Select yes/no     

ii. Would an annual gathering of Cadets for comraderie and training be helpful

Select yes/no     

iii. Did the efforts under the SAFER Grant of the MSFA Assist your recruitment ?


if yes How

iv. What assistance would be helpful for recruitment/retention?

e. What other Volunteer issues can be addressed or assistance given to help maintain the volunteer system in your area? ____________________________________________

3. The MSFA Convention is still going strong with additional training and events. a. Do you participate in the HOT Training


b. Do you enjoy convention meetings ?


c. Do you bring your family to enjoy the family events and the Ocean?


d. What other events would you like to see?


e. What would help make the convention a better experience?

f. If you do not come to the convention,

Why not?

4. Are you aware of the current scholarship and benefits the MSFA provides?


5. What do you enjoy about the Fire/EMS Service?


6. What do you Dislike the Most about the Fire/EMS Service ?

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